There are certain subjects that people think are taboo. This can be race, gender, death, disability and host of other things. Yet comedy has touched on these subjects and worse for many years. Particularly today where comics seem to have lost the art of innuendo and choose to get their laughs through shock value. Let’s […]

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Guest Post Niki Harrison

Our daughter Abby is 7 years old. She has an undiagnosed condition. She is in a wheelchair and is non verbal. She wears continence nappies all the time. When we are out and we need to change her our only choice as you can see in this video is the floor of the disabled toilet. She is to big for a baby change table.
Things need to change not only in Victoria but also in Australia, all over the world even.
At the moment we are limited to where we take Abby and its to hard now to take her on family holidays. No where to change her at the airport hotels or attractions. It’s really not that hard to add a fold down table and a ceiling hoist to all disabled toilets. To me a disabled toilet isn’t for the disabled but more the elderly because our disabled daughter can only use the floor.


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Can non-disabled people use accessible toilets?

Spot on. Couldn’t have said it better myself, so I havent

The world of accessible toilets

This question comes up so frequently, so I’m blogging about it again.

Here’s the scenario. There is a queue for toilets – but the accessible one is not occupied. Should non-disabled people use it?

  • If you are queuing and can hold your bladder/bowel then continuing to queue would be the best course of action.
  • If you need the baby changing table, and the only one is in a unisex accessible toilet – then use it to change your baby.
  • If you are a carer/PA, and need to stay with a severely disabled person at all times, both people may need to go into an accessible toilet.

* Note that UK building standards suggest a baby changing table should not be located in an accessible toilet.

The key aim is to enable people who only have a moments notice to empty their bladder/bowel/bag , to be reassured that the chances of…

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In the last 24 hrs PFF has collected 55 signatures. It made me think about just how far we’ve come.  There’s so much more to do but I am proud.  Our 1st national exposure came from Children with a Disability Aus.  Check them out, they do fabulous work.  I have hopes that under the new CEO we can take this further

Have a read Just Gotta Pee article CDA Listen Up June 2013


An open letter to West Midland Safari and Leisure Park

The world of accessible toilets

DearWest Midland Safari and Leisure Park,

This week I visited your park with my husband and parents to do the walk round section. We were first time visitors on holiday from Kent and had an amazing afternoon. I especially loved the dinosaur exhibit – just spectacular.

The access was really good for me as I have muscular dystrophy and use a powered wheelchair.

We are huge fans of zoos, conservation programmes and dinosaurs!! This was the perfect attraction for us.

Tickets are such good value and we made use of your visit again for free – super value as our ticket price already included a discount for disabled people and one free carer – greatly appreciated.

Because we were only there for the afternoon, I did not need to use the toilet. However, on our second day, during the hottest week of the year and after a 2…

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